Franchise ownership could provide a route back to work in the face of high unemployment

It’s clear that the effects of the “recession” are still with us, and unemployment is still at unacceptable high levels.
Despite the doom and gloom, many of those who have found themselves unemployed have taken control of their own futures by seeking to start up new franchise businesses. Franchise ownership can give you the benefit of establishing your own business but with the added help of founding it on a proven, franchised business model along with the support and training of the franchisor.
If you are one of those affected by the recent rise in unemployment and facing the difficulties and frustrations of applying for new job vacancies with increasingly greater competition, starting up a franchise business could be your ticket to get you back on track.
If you have come out of a previous position with a redundancy package, then it could be that you decide to invest some of this capital into starting up a new franchise business venture. Though some franchises do require fairly substantial upfront franchise fees, there are others which are also affordable to those with lesser available capital.
Whatever your financial situation or preference, you will almost certainly be able to find a franchise business to suit your needs. There are hundreds of different franchises available in the UK in almost every conceivable industry sector from technology to manual labour, from business consultancy to children’s parties, from office based to home based, from retail store to mobile van sales, the list goes on.
If you want to take control of your future and think a franchise business might be an option for you, you could start by using a “franchise matching” service which is a quick way to find franchise opportunities that are available in your area and that match your preferences. The service is usually free, and can accelerate your search for the right franchise business ownership.
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