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The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority offers franchisees innovative and sophisticated methods to develop large, successful residential cleaning businesses. Business owners implement an ambitious and effective customer acquisition program.

This program, through employee management and client satisfaction systems, drives their cash based, residual income model. The Cleaning Authority’s business model combines simple business fundamentals with solid systems, and an unprecedented support infrastructure, towards tremendous income potential.

TCA opportunity offers a great ROI, consistent annuity based revenue and a wonderful life-style flexibility. This is a Monday thru Friday business, with few to no weekends or holidays. Per unit sales average better than $750,000.00 annually.

College Hunks Hauling Junk

College Hunks Hauling Junk is a franchise opportunity that:

  • Is an established and award-winning junk removal business with a rapid growth record.
  • Is more focused on capturing both residential and commercial clients’ attention and securing their loyalty than other concepts.
  • Offers a low-cost, complete franchise system for growing your business in a very hot industry that is highly fragmented.
  • Grants large exclusive territories so you can provide greatly needed services to commercial and residential clients in your community.
  • Currently located in 31 markets nationwide
    (Large Metro Markets still available!)

HEITS Building Services

HEITS Building Services is the new leader in commercial cleaning. HEITS offers a truly customized cleaning program to meet the requirements of every client’s facility, including Medical, Commercial, Multi-dwelling, Pharmaceutical, Corporate, Restaurant, Manufacturing, Retail, and Industrial. HEITS offers a wide range of general and specialized cleaning and building services, including Office Cleaning, Floor Care, Janitorial Services, Painting, Construction Cleanup and Power Washing.

There's no doubt that commercial cleaning is one of the leaders in the service-providing sector of our economy. It is an industry that currently yields approximately $60 billion dollars per year, with economists projecting it to increase to $90 billion by the year 2010. Simply put, the need for cleaning will always exist so long as there are buildings to maintain.

Lapels Dry Cleaning

Retail Store ~ As a Lapels Dry Cleaning Store Owner, all the work and worry of cleaning and processing garments is left to the experienced professionals. Your time will be devoted to providing the best in customer service while building long term relationships with your customers. Our corporate team will assist you in negotiating with professional Garment Care Specialists to do all of your processing off site.

Earth Friendly Plant ~ Combine a retail store with your own plant to process your garments & those of other stores. In some areas we have Lapels stores anxiously awaiting your opening. And the best part is that you are operating an environmentally friendly dry cleaning plant. This is better for you, your employees, your customers and your landlord.

Area Developer ~ The Lapels Area Developer Program is designed to enable the serious investor to dominate an exclusive geographic territory by building a main processing plant and a minimum of three additional satellite retail units and on delivery route.

This program will guarantee consistency in quality and service throughout your territory beginning in the main processing plant. Additionally you will be able to offer a home delivery service throughout your territory, seek out major corporate accounts by offering an employee benefit and perform guest services for hotels.

All of our programs consist of territory configuration or site selection, layout and design, point of sale system with proprietary software, equipment, installation, signage, supplies, marketing and training.

Lawn Doctor

With 40 years of experience, supporting our franchisees and helping them grow their businesses. Lawn Doctor offers the top ranked franchise opportunity in the lawn care category, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

Our mission is simple: Growth through Mutual Benefit. In other words, what's right for our franchisees is right for us, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the people who make up our franchise system.

As the largest franchise in our category, Lawn Doctor's secret to success lies in a time-tested support system and strong infrastructure. These key components will lay the foundation for your potential success, as you travel the road toward business freedom.

Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade, Inc. is a professional home cleaning service with a focus on providing long term regular service to our clients. We offer customized exclusive territories across the country and will tailor a market size to best suit your needs.

Maid Brigade is ranked as a "World-class Franchise"-the most prestigious award in franchising? Last year, over 94% of Maid Brigade franchisees rated the overall quality of Maid Brigade as good, very good or excellent.

Our culture is based on integrity and strong positive relationships with everyone throughout the Maid Brigade organization. Our two different offerings are customized to the investment of skill levels of potential franchisees.

Our National Sales Center will respond to your phone calls during, before, and after regular business hours. The staff is carefully trained to provide estimates and schedule service appointments. This allows the franchisee to focus on team building and customer retention.

Mint Condition

Mint Condition provides commercial cleaning the way you want it. Our highly organized cleaning programs assure you of consistent results, tailored to your needs.

Miracle Method Surface Restoration

Miracle Method franchisees repair and restore bathtubs, tile and countertops saving homeowners, property managers and hotels time, money and the mess of replacement. The proprietary Miracle Method process has proven to be durable and effective since 1979.

Miracle Method has not only been used in hundreds of thousands of homes and apartments, but in every major hotel chain from Disney to Hilton. Growing at a rate of 20 to 25% per year, Miracle Method's commitment to quality workmanship and superior customer service has earned the company the reputation as the nation's "Preferred Refinisher."

While new franchisees can open as a home based business, they should have as their goal, a showroom and shop as it is a key to their financial growth. Among the reasons why entrepreneurs should consider Miracle Method.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

As the category founder, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP) stands alone as the world's oldest and largest outdoor lighting franchise company. OLP has custom-designed and installed eco-friendly low voltage exterior and landscape lighting at more than 70,000 homes and businesses since our inception in 1995.

OLP provides rigorous training, proven sales, support and marketing systems that enable our franchisees to sell, design and install professional outdoor lighting systems – with unparalleled service and attention to detail.

With an average sales of approximately $4,500, gross profit margins of approximately 60% and a sales closing ratio of over 65%, OLP is a strong choice for franchise candidates seeking a home-based business with few employees, low overhead, recurring revenue and great growth potential.

Renue (formerly National Appeal)

Renue®, formerly National Appeal®, offers state-of-the-art Deep Cleaning and Restorative Services for maintaining Carpets, Draperies and Upholstery.

Renue® has developed a unique turnkey vendor solution referred to as "The Hotel Hygiene System" that guarantees complete compliance with manufacturers' specifications for the proper maintenance and care of your property's assets. To accomplish this, "The Hotel Hygiene System" utilizes highly trained personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, procedures and our very own exclusive custom-formulated chemicals. As a result, we are able to deliver unrivaled performance, efficiency and value to our customers.

Renue® is a worldwide hospitality industry solutions provider specializing in the cleaning of hotel and resort properties. Renue® provides affordable cleaning and restoration related services, and technologies that deliver maximum value and return on investment.

Renue®'s deep restorative cleaning system, in combination with our unique chemicals, will reduce the soil load in your carpet, drapes and upholstery instantly, and rejuvenate its vibrant colors making the carpet look and smell better. Dry times are minimal and increased longevity of the carpet will keep your investment looking like new for years to come.

Renue® will provide the cleaning expertise that parallels your hotel's emphasis on customer service. Get the peace of mind you deserve. No more micromanaging vendors that drive to your hotel from out of town. Contract local Renue® professionals and you've shifted the responsibility for the cleaning of your property onto our shoulders.

We meet deadlines and exceed expectations. Whether you are the general manager, housekeeping manager, engineer or food and beverage manager, we can customize a maintenance program to fit any budget and management philosophy. We will provide your staff with detailed record keeping; including project history on services rendered and detailed maintenance reports.

USA Insulation

USA Insulation reduces the homeowner’s energy consumption and operating cost between 30% and 50% through the professional insulation of walls and attic area using their proprietary, water based, Green insulation product.

The business model and product have been refined over the last 26 years of successful operation targeting the residential market. The Government’s estimate of 77 million homes in the country with insufficient insulation is the driving force behind federal stimulus rebates.

Current rebates run through 2010 with a bill dramatically increasing federal rebates pending. Many state and local governments and utilities also recently introduced rebate programs.

The increased publication and knowledge of energy reduction makes our local marketing dollars work harder with increased customer inquiries. However, government sponsored rebates are not the core of our marketing or business plan. This company was very successful long before government rebates became a reality. The simple proposition is that USA Insulation will increase your level of comfort in the home, reduce your home’s operating cost and save energy.

We enjoy a 30% referral rate from our existing customer base giving testimony to the customer’s level of satisfaction, simply proposition and fact that the product simply works better than any alternative on the market. USA Insulation has been a well kept secret outside of Cleveland, Ohio for the past quarter of a century is now prepared to expand nationally with the son managing the franchise company and has no direct competition inside the franchise industry.

The company began a concerted franchise effort in early 2009 and today has 4 affiliates (older business licenses operating the same model) and 8 franchises operating 12 territories with 5 sales out for financing. In today’s franchise market, we find many candidates interested in the Green aspect of our business (both regarding product and it affect on energy consumption) and having the desire to cash in on the emerging markets generated by government spending.

Weed Man

Network of locally owned and operated lawn care professionals providing environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control and integrated pest management services.

For the past 37 years, Weed Man’s promise has always been the same: We treat your lawn as if it were our own and provide you with honest and open communication.

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