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Credentials of Lee Thomas

Dr. Lee Thomas, is a “Business Doctor”, having owned, managed, and successfully sold 15 businesses over the past 40+ years.  These businesses have been in 10 different industries including 16 Dental Offices, 23 Childcare centers, plumbing/heating, landscape, automobile dealership, direct marketing, internet sales, long distance telephone service, real estate, and aviation.  Annual revenues have ranged from under $50K to over $8M.   Now he shares his “nuts and bolts”, practical business knowledge and experience with people seeking self-employment, people in business who “are stuck”, and people who want to exit their business successfully. 

Prior to his successful entrepreneurial adventures, he worked as a Sales Engineer. 

He is the Managing Partner of  Integrity Business Solutions, a dba of Integrity Business Ventures, LLC.

He has a BS degree from San Jose State University, and a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Pittsburgh School Of Dental Medicine.

He is a published author of two books: " Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur and Lessons Learned",  ISBN 978-0-9786807-1-8, and "The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Business People",  ISBN 978-0-9837470-5-5. 


Credentials of David Dornbos


Dave is an Associate of Integrity Business Ventures, LLC, and brings his 28 years of entrepreneurial business experience as a start-up owner and general manager of 4 small businesses.  He also has a background as an executive level manager with several national firms.

His diverse background and experience in real estate asset management, acquisitions,  joint ventures, investment counseling, brokering services, market analysis and retail business management adds additional depth and diversity to the services that Integrity Business Ventures offers its clients.

He has a B.S. degree from Illinois State University, a M.A. graduate degree from Loyola University, and an M.B.A. from the University of Colorado-Denver.  He is also a registered Colorado Real Estate Broker. 

Integrity Business Solutions is a dba of Integrity Business Ventures, LLC and provides experienced based, results oriented, coaching/mentoring services to people going INTO business, who are IN business, and who want to successfully EXIT their business. . It is also member of the world's largest association of private franchise placement specialists that draws on our many years of industry experience as well as maintains relationships with literally hundreds of high quality franchisors. 

While we can't guarantee your success in any business, we can provide principles and techniques to help business owners reach success and continue to be successful. We also help people decide the best business that is suited to their strengths as well as bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table throughout the entire process of business selection. This includes startups, acquisitions, and franchises.

Our realistic methods are centered on cultivating productive options to enhance businesses and for those choosing a business that will suit their personality, skills, economic capabilities, and personal needs. Our continued industry explorations allows us to be informed of the newest and top business "best practices", and opportunities available to keep our clients headed down the right path.