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5 Habits of Highly Successful Business People

Have you ever wished that there was a simple “formula” or methodology for sustainable business success?  This is it!

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Having been a “hands on”/ “nuts & bolts”, business owner of 15 businesses in 10 different industries for over 40 years, people ask me what are my “secrets to success”. I knew there were no secrets, but wondered if there might be a simple formula.

After contemplating my successes and missteps, and the successes and missteps of other successful business owners in the 10 industries and beyond, I have compiled a “formula” and methodology for sustainable business success. It is my new 134 page book, “The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Business People”.

I have been working on this for over 2 years, and can state unequivocally, that if a person learns, practices and shares these five habits, they will achieve sustainable business success!

Besides the actual 5 Habits, the book contains much more including:
· How to apply the 5 Habits
· Many Correct Business Principles
· How to Delegate Effectively
· Thoughts on Wealth Accumulation & Maintenance
· Core Beliefs of Successful People
· How to Handle Stress
· How to get UNSTUCK in business and life
· The Rapid Results Sales Program in detail
· and so much More

Dr Lee Thomas is a former Dentist and multiple business owner. He has successfully owned, managed and sold 15 businesses over the course of 40+ years. The businesses have been in ten different industries with annual revenues from under $50,000 to over $8,000,000.00

Currently, through Integrity Business Solutions, (a dba of Integrity Business Ventures, LLC), Dr. Thomas and his asociates help people who are in career transition, and want to go into business; people who are in business and are stuck or facing challenges; and people who want to exit their business successfully in style.

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Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur - and Lessons Learned

Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur - and Lessons Learned; provides true business stories that are entertaining to read, offering unique insights into being an entrepreneur.

A must-read for the seasoned business operator and person just starting their entrepreneurial career. Each story, besides being entertaining, has practical lessons learned by the business owner which can be directly applied to everyday business ownership situations. Contains practical business tips on how to acquire, manage and sell a business.

As a bonus, the appendix contains some valuable management “how-to-do-it” information, tools and forms.

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Living in Centennial, Colorado, Dr. Thomas and his wife have six children, 11 grandchildren, and five great-granchildren.


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